Royal Home Improvements
Pledge To Our Clients


The owner and employees of Royal Home Improvements would like take this opportunity to clearly state the ideals and principles which guide us in our relationships with our clients.

Because in this day and age, for what ever reason, we often find ourselves frequently dissatisfied with the way we are treated as individuals, where certain businesses have customer service departments which sometimes treat you with indifference. Bad service, disinterest, and bad manners is all to often a common occurrence in businesses

We at Royal Home Improvements expect to be held accountable and our clients satisfaction should never come into question. So to that end we consider the following to be our pledge to clients.

1. As our client, you are entitled to be treated with respect, friendliness, honesty and integrity.

2. As our client, you are entitled to receive the full value for your money. We believe you should feel assured that you made a good purchase, at a fair price, when you buy one of our products.

3. As our client, you are entitled to be proud of your new addition or renovation and know that your complete satisfaction is our main concern before, during and after the project has been completed.

4. As our client, you are entitled to prompt, courteous, knowledgeable answers to your real estate, building or remodeling questions. Our goal is to provide you with all the professional advice and help we can give you in real estate sales, designing, building and servicing your new home, addition or renovation.

5. As our home improvement client, if you have any questions about your project, you are entitled to speak with the appropriate contact person so your question can be resolved immediately and in the most mutually satisfactory manner possible.

6. As our valued client, we wish to be accessible to you and we care about your needs and concerns as they have a large impact on our relationship and the value of one of your most imporatant assets, your home.

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